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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Maria – The Trailer

Finally, the trailer for Maria.

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006

News – Maria is cut

We have now finished the final cut of the Maria film that I have been working on since April. Its taken a long time, but we are all now in agreement. The film has also been onlined to HD (shot on HDCAM), and it residing at the Filmworkshop (taking up about 331 GB) on their Raid server. I will begin the effects, such as removing boom mic’s, and other unwanted things that I have found in our lovely HD frames, and when done with that the colourgrading will commence.

I have also started writing on my next project “The Golden Hummingbird”.
SO stay tuned.

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Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

025. Video Log – Editing can be FRUSTRATING!

Finally som real news accompanied by a video!!!

Recently I have been working on my application for The National Film and Television School in London. Its a lot of work. I have to fill out the general forms, answer some questions about myself and why Im applying, aswell as submitting a film, a treatment, and an evaluation of the film I sent. So there is plenty to tend to. Right now Im working on editing the film I will be sending, and its not going so well as I had hoped. The worst part is that I have to send it in a week or so! The reason for the late editing of the film is that its first recently that we shot it! so there was never much time to begin with. I will post some more info on how its going later, for now just enjoy my little crappy film which is all about getting no where in the editing room.

 Podcast Video: Play in Popup | Download

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