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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Log – Personal Projects pt.1


Im much better now and I am currently working on my first Personal Project at school. I have finished my treatment for my film and I am working on the casting and location scouting at the moment. I don’t have much time though as I will be shooting next week. Im not too worried about the time issue as I have gotten a good producer, James Heath, to help me out and I have my dream team for a crew: Bertil Mulvad on camera and Steen Bondrop on sound. I will try and update some more over the next few days on how everything is progressing. That is if I don’t get too stressed… lol

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Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Log – Getting Better

Im finally getting better now, but I found out that I have something called Reiters Syndrome, which is a genetic flaw! and it sucks, but Im almost over it now. So now Im really busy, there is two weeks until I have to start crewing for the other groups in my class and barely a month until I have to shoot my own film, so Im going to be busy busy busy! With me luck! PS. I have started putting up my animations onto YouTube, so go and have a look, my handle is hann992

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