Monday, January 8th, 2007

January Jaunt will soon have a music video

jj videoIn the middle of this MASS-POSTING session that I have found myself in, I just wanted to talk a little about my latest project. A musicvideo for January Jaunt ( in early december when I went back to denmark to attend the premiere of “Maria”, my last short film, I met up with the guys from January Jaunt and thay said that they, FINALLY, wanted me to make a decent music video for them. We then started talking ideas and it all ended up with me pulling one of my old ideas out of the hat. The whole concept is a bit weird, so bare with me:The whole concept is that they boys will be playing in a studio where serveral studio camera’s will be filming them. Next we have a guy to produce the images and mix in a mit of graphics once in awhile, finally this is all projected onto them. They wore some white shirts and t-shirts so we could see the motives on them and best of all… It all worked!We shot the video last wedensday and everything went well. The guys must have played the song over 40 times that day (evening/night/next morning) and we got everything on tape. HDCAM tape!!! heheAnyway, The video is being edited at the moment and when I get the word from the band I will release it on my site. I will see if I can’t be allowed to show off the dummy video I did of it.Thats it.

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