Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

My Singing Girl is Finished!

Well, It’s finally done. I spent about five days out in beaconsfield at the NFTS campus to finish my film. Three days for grading with Laura and two for sound with the tutors Guy and Chris. The first day was a bit messy as we had some problems with getting the footage onto the system, then we could finally get to the grade. Working with smoke is different, first of all you’ll find that it’s a pro software. It has all the tools it needs and nothing more. The Smoke system we used was of a Linux flavor and looked pretty fast, especially considering that it was working on full 1080p HD footage. We did have some compositing problems, but I really don’t get into that. By monday evening we finally had the final picture on tape. HDcam as well as DigiBeta. Also during the monday I started Pre-mix with Guy Hawke, basically we just cleaned my OMF export up, added proper fades, found atmos, foley and editing. This was so that when I on the tuesday would be mixing with Chris Pow, we’d only have to focus on the mixing itself. Mixing with Chris was great. All that dialog that I had been listening to for ages, flat and muffled, no offense to the sound guy Cuzio for he did a great job, but now that Chris played with it, it sounded deep and rounded. Great! We also got some useful feedback from the other tutors on campus. They pointed a very valid point out, that I had too much music, not as in using up too much time of the film, but that it was of too diverse genres, it was very much back to back at points, and that it often told too much about what was going on in the scene. We did our final mix and that was that. It was great finishing, I’m very happy with my first truly improvised film. From start to finish it was always pretty much my gut feeling which led the way and I think this technique works. I do feel that it would be nice with a script for a change now, so I’m enjoying working on several scripted projects at the moment. One of which is with an artist called Lennie Lee (lennielee.com), I am also competing in a little competition to shoot a 5 minute film on 16mm for the first years at the NFTS.Next up is to go to Leif and Signe’s Wedding on the 21st sep and then the Bafta Screening of My Singing Girl on the 24th sep, then one more week of school and Im finished with the NFTS this time around. That is of cause unless I get the 5 minute film! Then I will be making this film in October. It is also in October that I will be starting to edit Kasper SkovsbĂžl’s film.I better stop here before I get overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do..Singing off, Andreas.

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