Friday, November 16th, 2007

Veejay’ing with Mimas in Cph.

I’m Back! That’s right Bertil, I’m back! I was in Copenhagen last weekend to VeeJay for the band Mimas. Here are some shots that should give you an idea of what it looked like. I also have the videos on the way. Hopefully I will find the space on my server to post the whole thing online, if not be sure to check theMimas YouTube page.


On another Mimas note, I just got myself a new toy to VeeJay with. It’s a MPD24, don’t know it? Neither do I! I just went into the store and got myself a midi box with a shit load of buttons, sliders and dials. It’s great, now I got proper playback controls at my finger tips and a whole keyboard for the longer mix sequences. I know it, I’ve gone completely mad. I know have about 6 octaves of trigger buttons, a 4×4 buttons pad with 4 pad banks, 8 dials and 6 sliders, 7 if you include the modulator on the keyboard. Also, let’s not forget the cool little blue display on the very same drum sampler I bought today. When I bought it I had no idea that it was a drum sampler, all I could think about was the buttons. Here are some shots of my paper and tape solution to the MPD24: 

Making a templateSorting which buttons to do whatattached and ready to go

Thats it folks, but more is coming up… an idea for a Mimas video perhaps…. 

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