Thursday, March 27th, 2008

The relevance of DPI when making DVD menus! there aren’t any!

Since I haven’t got anything particularly new media to show I might as well let you all in on what else Im doing at the moment.
DVD MENUS! hurray! No, seriously, Im working freelance for a company called GoVisual they do corporate videos and Im doing a DVD menu for their latest project. While working on this DVD I’ve had to tweak it a 100 times now, each time I show the client what I’ve done then they have changed. Finally they started asking the impossible of me. Or did they? I was asked to make a very small logo, with very small text on it more clear, so you could actually read it. I was not allowed to make it bigger though, as this would break the rules in their design manual for the company. Then I had to explain to them that this was totally impossible. Video does not work with the DPI principle, therefore you cannot squeeze more pixels into a certain area, you can’t increase the DPI!

Don’t get what the hell Im talking about then read this great, short and to the point article:

Since I already started a new catagory – Tech geek, then I will continue to post my problems (hopefully along with the solution!) in the future.

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