Thursday, May 25th, 2006

019. Jingle – Børnekulturhuset

This is a spot which I produced, directed and edited, aswell as the 3D effects etc. Its my brother and his friends who are in it and my good friend Anders Elgaard who is DOP. We shot the spot in only 2 days and edited it in a week or so. It was edited on a Discreet Edit* system down at the filmworkshop in Århus. The 3D stuff was done in 3D Studio Max 4, and the compositing and final effects were done in After Effects 5.5. For those who don’t understand what the hell the voiceover is talking about heres a little about the spot itself:Børnekulturhuset (Childrens Art/workshop house)Thir advertising a place where children (up to the age of 18) can make all kinds of art projects, films, TV, books, theater etc. They present an idea and then they will be given some money to make the project. thats about it.

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