Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

The Golden Hummingbird – Day 0


Here we go…

We are finally going to start the Shoot on my next Short Film: The Golden Hummingbird (Den Gyldne Kolibri). I have been working on this film for over three years now, and in the past three month I finally found my co-producers, Sune Liltorp and Kasper Nielsen from Plot Point Film (http://www.plotpoint.dk). I got my script developed, got my cast and crew together and tomorrow we’ll begin the on location adventure.

Here are some photos and artwork from the past three month:


Storyboard Samples:

Hanne, my little miss movie-star:

Location Scouting & Research:

Photos from our Test Shoot:

that’s it for now, but keep coming back as I will try my best to make daily updates…

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