Friday, June 9th, 2006

News – Almost done with my Application Form!!!

Well, Im almost there now! I have been working intensly for the past few weeks on my application form for the National Film & Television School in London. Its a few pages with some intense questions, and then you have to submit a Treatment for a film you intend to make aswell as a film you have directed. The main problem is that the film that Im submitting isen’t done yet, we just recently shot it! Im still editing it, but since they mentioned that teknical skill will not be judged then I think its better to show them something that I have recently made, rather than showing something old… This film is definetly the best directing that I have done to date! The REAL problem is that I have to mail everything on monday, to make sure it arrives before the DEADLINE!

Wish me luck…

PS. more videos to come soon!

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