Thursday, January 1st, 2009

We survived another new year, and even in the aftermath there is still hope & Vimeo


Yay, a new year. Well there can’t be any better new years resolution like picking up on your blogging??? I’ll dive right into it. Last year was tough, but with the shooting of The Golden Hummingbird(Den Gyldne Kolibri) and getting a kick ass job everything turned out well enough in 2008.

The last few weird post with vimeo videos has been because I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation with I/O and veejaying. I’ve hooked my wiimotes up to it, both the usual way and the johnny chung lee way, and I have used OSC apps with on my iPod Touch also, to manipulate stuff on the screen. I have even been making simple gestures working as a part of my veejaying. And as you can hear, I’m quite taken with it.

The reason for vimeo is that it’s the best place on the web that I’ve dealt with HD. It isn’t true FULL HD, but just the small version, but boy o boy does the difference show! I discovered, while researching various veejays and video artists on the web, that a lot of the really cool guys hang out at vimeo. The video on YouTube just doesn’t even get close to making a decent rendition of what most of these guys do. There is too much details, particles, and very high frame rates. Vimeo fixes this, you have lot’s more options on how to present your video and they do an awesome job of compressing it.

and I’ll be right back…

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