Monday, June 1st, 2009

Monome ROCKS!

Just ordered my very own Monome. For you who don’t know what a monome is, it’s acutally very very simple:
A Monome is a box with a whole bunch of buttons on it… but wait theres more! The buttons LIGHT UP!

That’s it. Basicly the Monome is a tool for musicians, VeeJays and anyone who needs something to communicate with their computer for live performance. Usually people like us have to go and get some other kind of input device (midi, osc etc.) ie. I currently use a drum synth to control my Visuals. The Monome allows you to get all the buttons you need and since they light up, you can use them for toggle or other kinds of visual feedback.

Learn more about the Monome here:

Anywho, just ordered mine, so I really can’t wait till I get it.

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