Saturday, July 29th, 2006

Los Marachas Kicks ASS!

Hi all,Last night we(Los Marachas) played at the chocolate factory (Chokolade frabrikken) in Ã…rhus, and it was amazing. There was a really good response from the audience, and I coulden’t keep up with the CDs. I recorded the concert and started to burn audio CDs with the concert stright after the guys finished playing, and not only that, I also took some shots while they were playing and did a CD cover for the CD, and with my trusty cannon IP4200 I printed those covers and went out to sell the CDs. So a great concert and a great response. I wont tell you about the playing itself, you simply have to download the 55 MB (and 48 minute) recording that I have a link to HERE (This is NOT in the regular podcast I have!!! I might make some samples later though?!?).los marachas at the factory

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