Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Photos – January Jaunt Press Shots

Yesterday I was out with January Jaunt to help them out getting som new press shots. We have done this before, but its never been done properly. Its always me getting around the rehearsal room and taking a few low light shots, which never turn out that well. This time it was different though, and a great new experience for myself. First of all, we had more time to do it, second was that we were doing outdoors shots aswell as indoors studio shots with proper lighting.

See the photos here:
January Jaunt Press Shots 2006

Credits goes to Christoph Polcin and Caspar Wiegell for helping me out with the shoot. I will also link to or post Cristophs photos later on. Thx Guys!

PS. also a new was that the gallery page was made in iWeb… is it any good? I certainly did it with NO hickups whatsoever! and I was in full control of how I wanted it to look… but maybe I will put them on Flickr, just for good meassure.
january jaunt sitting on chairs

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