Monday, November 20th, 2006

Log & Film – Cheap Little Horror Thrill & back in the UK

Hi all, just got back from a little trip in Denmark. Had to get some more stuff over, see all my buddies and most importantly; take a look at the film project Maria since it got a deadline on the 1st of December!

Some of the most important stuff I brought back with me has been my external harddrives! I have my entire portfolio on there aswell as a lot of current and unfinished projects which I thought would be nice to have around. I also have a collection of editing, photo and sound resources like sound effects archive, photoshop templates for EVERYTHING and lots of other stuff.

I was digging through one of my old drives and found a film that I had completely forgotten that I ever made! So I decided to upload it and if you click the iPod Quicktime logo below this post you can watch it, or you could also do it the right way and subscribe to my PodCast! (click Subscribe in the upper righthand corner of the site for more info!)

 Podcast Video: Play in Popup | Download

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