Short Films

Here you can watch some of the short films that I have made over the past 5-6 years. Most of them are made on a shoestring budget, and the older ones have been more of a learning process more than anything, though I still like them all.

The Golden Hummingbird (2011)

The biggest film project that I’ve ever undertaken is finally finished, though not available to show to the public yet! Sorry! We are still working on trying to sell the film, and therefore I can’t show it to the masses yet. We did have a private screening/premiere, and it will go on festivals. There is also a trailer in the making, as well as a short 5 minutes behind the scenes video. So stay tuned, or send me an e-mail if you want to know more.

Length: 24 Minutes
Format: HDcam
Written & Directed by Andreas Steen Sørensen
Produced by Sune Liltorp
Production coordinator Laura Ifijeniea Gazi
Photography by Bertil Mulvad
Lighting by Keith Jones & Caspar Wiegell
Costumes by Signe Eriksen
Edited by Michael Aaglund
Music by Leif n & Snævar Albertson (DadRocks!)
Animation by Torben Taunus, Peter Smith & Henrik Sønniksen
Compositors Michael Bauer, Sune Liltorp, Andreas Sørensen, & Andreas Krag

My Singing Girl (2007)

My graduation film from The National Film & Television School in London.

Maria (2006)

“Maria” is the untraditional love story about the young woman Maria who has strong feelings for her transsexual friend Adam. The film puts focus on gender roles and sexuality in general. It opens the debate by breaking some of the ideals and norms which we live by today.

Maria was produced with support from Aarhus Film Workshop (Århus Filmværksted) and The West Danish Film Fund (Vest Danske Filmpulje).
This film was my second short film beyond the 4 minute mark and my first time directing someone else's script.

Length: 23 Minutes
Format: 16:9 HDcam

Directed By: Andreas Steen Sørensen
Written By: Kasper Skovsbøl
Photographer: Steen Klitgaard
Production Manager: Eva Mikkelsen
Edited By: Andreas Steen Sørensen
and Jacob Molberg

Popchick (2005)

Boy meets girl, friends don’t like girl. What do you chose? The girl or the so-called friends?

Popchick I like to call my first “proper” short film, mostly because it is my first film which was beyond 10 minutes and also because it was the first time I did any serious script development.

Length: 12 Minutes
Format: 16:9 DVc Pro

Directed By: Andreas Steen Sørensen
Written By: Andreas Steen Sørensen
Photographer: Anders Elgaard
Edited By: Caspar Wiegell
Music By: Leif N
Produced By: Århus Filmværksted