Music Videos

This is a small collection of some of the music videos that I have done. I must have made at least 100+ live videos, but most of them have been simple quick live videos for PR purposes, in other words, it’s rare that they turn out into something really interesting. Sometimes though, I find a band that is ready to put resources into making a “real” video, and I actually get to make something interesting and fun! Here are some of the more joyful projects that I have done:

Dad Rocks! - Weapons

Dad Rocks! - Nothing Keeps Up

Mimas - Cats On Fire:

This video is from the Mimas debut album: The Worries. The video has had great reviews in the vfx scene, see this: 20 Short Films and Music Videos Made with After Effects The video was made entirely in After Effects, using the 3D compositing features, mixed in with hand puppets on greenscreen and lots of stock footage.

Pearl - Stay:

First video for Pearl’s debut album: Woman. Shot on a HVX-200 with nikon lens adaptor.

January Jaunt - Try:

Try is the first single from January Jaunt’s debut album; Echos and Stills. the video is now being promoted by HipPromoPromo.
Length: 4 Min 30 Sec
Format: 16:9 HDcam
Directed By: Andreas Steen Sørensen
Band: January Jaunt
Album: Echos and Stills

stanley k - Ida:

The first music video of stanley k with their hit “ida”. stanley k is an instrumental post rock band from Århus, Denmark and have archived huge acclaim in the post rock scene.
Length: 4 Minutes
Format: 16:9 MiniDV
Directed By: Andreas Steen Sørensen