Don’t already know me?
Well, let’s make the proper introductions then;

Hi, my name is Andreas Steen Sørensen, and I’ve been working with moving images for about 10 years now. Born in 1981, lived in Holland, Belgium, Denmark and the Uk. Not the craziest of educations; A-Levels in Art, DT, and IT. Done a few media diplomas in VFX, and most recently attended the National Film & Television School in London where I did the Fundamentals of Fiction Direction course. I’ve messed around with animation, 2D as well as 3D, I’ve made my own short films, I’ve made music videos for clients and my friends. I love experimenting which has lead me into VJ’ing (making visuals for concerts). I’m a keen photographer and somewhat of a musician. Any artistic medium that you can mess with, I’ve done it! My goals are to make films that people will like, find interesting, be inspired by, and hopefully someone will really love it!

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